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The Coalition for Police Review is an alliance dedicated to the implementation of genuine and effective police review processes for all law enforcement agencies operating in Humboldt County. It includes Redwood Chapter ACLU, Civil Liberties Monitoring Project, Human Rights Commission, Waterfront Greens and many more.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006



Police officers are public employees faced with the difficult task of enforcing the law. Of necessity police officers are invested with a great deal of discretion in the performance of their duties. In performing their duties, police officers must obey scrupulously the laws they enforce. Since police officers are often in confrontative situations and violence is a frequent component, the job they do is as a matter of definition is likely to cause questions about the conduct of the police.

While most police departments have a system of internal review, the problem is obvious. A police department is investigating itself.

It is simply unreasonable in logic to expect any one to impartially investigate themselves, their friends or their colleagues.

Civilian police review is the way to monitor the conduct of police officers in the community they police.

As per the ordinance, the Police Review Commission as envisioned would have the power the investigate complaints, review police tactics and policies and report to the city council.

Citizens would have the right and the vehicle to investigate claims of police misconduct, improper tactics, or improper policies. Police officers would have a forum to show that their actions, tactics, or departmental policies are appropriate.

By having a forum to air complaints regarding the local police, it is probable that less claims under the Government Tort Claims Act will be filed against the local police agency.

Independent Police Review makes it possible for the police and the community to get on the same page and work together towards better policing of the community.

Police review stands for openness, accountability, and transparency in policing our community. It does not suggest impropriety on the part of our local police agencies. It is unequivocal that no one, least of all one in the public sector, can, or should, be required, entrusted, or allowed to investigate themselves.


Blogger noel adamson said...

I videotaped today's press conference and you can watch it in very low resolution (for dial up) or good resolution (for broadband)

The higher resolution one is 347 megabytes...hefty even for broad band...and the lower resolution (RealMedia) version 5 megabytes. If you do have any problems viewing them you might try right clicking the links and selecting "save target as" and then watching them from your hard drive.

I'll try and get a happy median resolution version of this media finished in the near future. It depicts an historic moment that will hopefully lead to a democratic society here and in the rest of America, currently the world's number one jailer as I like to mention as often as possible.

6:23 PM  
Blogger Upgrade Special Education said...

How is this police review commission doing?

2:05 PM  

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